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Become an AAWP/Brooke Voris Certified Wedding Planner

Be a Part of this Exciting, Creative Industry... Make Money, Full- or Part-Time!

Certified Wedding Planning:
The Course

Certified Wedding Planner

A career in wedding planning is attainable and your “dream career” can come true. AAWP’s professional course, based on Deborah McCoy’s 15 years, hands-on experience along with Brooke Voris's expertise, knowledge and virtual/social-media acumen, are prepared to train you in a perfect "total-immersion environment" of wedding planning to make you the best, most successful you can be. This is the most comprehensive wedding-planning course ever written. Work at your own pace in the comfort of your home, get your certification and be on your way to the career of your dreams!

Deborah McCoy and Brooke Voris will teach you the art of wedding planning. Learn from the best in the business... more

AAWP's wedding-planning course is the most comprehensive, up-to-date teaching manual and reference tool ever devised... more

Become an AAWP/Brooke Voris Certified Wedding Planner! Enroll Now!

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Hi Deb! You have made everything plain for me for Day-of-Wedding planning and full service consulting. I feel that the plan you have put in-place for me will help me to become one of the best wedding planners ever!

- Brenda, AAWP Certified Wedding Planner